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  • Ashland Trains & Toys
  • Ashland Trains & Toys
  • Ashland Trains & Toys
  • Ashland Trains & Toys
  • Ashland Trains & Toys
  • Ashland Trains & Toys
  • Ashland Trains & Toys
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Model Trains were the first S.T.E.M. Curriculum Hobby. Electricity, physics, C.A.D. are still part of designing a great layout. 3D modeling skills cannot be totally replaced by a screen. Remote control, sound card programming and repairs mirror skills which are needed for any vocation.


We recognizes the need for laughter. Stress is a permanent part of all our lives. Tiny Tim’s has manipulatives, puzzles, memory builders, and crafts that can de-stress your day. They can also help someone recover from stroke or other illness that presents cognitive and small motor impairments.


We are constantly bringing new and different games which have been designed by therapists to target certain skills, or help individuals communicate. We have always known that games make needed repetition fun. Visual spacial, small and large motor and many language skills cannot be developed with a screen.




2018 Ashland Santa Train

Ride with SANTA CLAUS to Williamsburg

Saturday, Dec 8, 2018

8:47am Leaves Ashland – 10:38am Arrives Williamsburg
5:41pm Leaves Williamsburg – 7:13pm Arrives Ashland

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Call 804-368-0063 to purchase tickets

Ashland Santa Train
Our charming atmosphere is welcoming and calm. The 60 trains daily that pass just outside the front door are exciting. Tiny Tim’s Trains & Toys in Ashland, VA is a great place for a day trip for special needs children and adults who find the atmosphere of a big box store noisy and problematic. Stay and linger and play one of the sample games out front or run our trains in the window. Tell us about your experiences. Let us research and help you find the perfect diversion for any age.

Tiny Tim’s Trains and Toys are dedicated to helping families use play to teach, share history, challenge the mind, reduce stress, and bring kids of all ages and skill levels together.

“I’m a firm believer in supporting “mom and pop” because you get face to face interaction. Personalized service. It gives value to the shopping experience that is impossible to receive online. I believe I was waited on by the owner and have to say she was extremely helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. I cannot wait to go back with grandson in tow. He will love it. I highly recommend a visit if in the area…”Read Full Review